Youth Competitions

In each of the selected sports, we will help regional organizations to organize a continuous recurring competition for the different age groups. It will start from the age of 10. E.g. a regional football leagues.

We will contribute with financial resources as well as systems for arranging and administering the competitions as well as transfer of skills in the form of training of responsible persons.

The competitions must be coordinated with the respective local federation and be approved by them.

Responsible: Nombre Boni

My name is Nombre Boni and I am 43 years old. I am married and have three children and live in Yopougon in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

I have been passionate about football throughout my life. As a child I always played football on the street with my friends and then I became a coach for many different teams of different ages. As an adult, I have continued to be involved in football, first as a sports director in a club and through hard work I was nominated and appointed chairman. Currently, I am helping a large number of football schools in Abidjan to develop.
In Esprit de Sport I am responsible for two programs, training of judges and youth competitions. The assignment is completely in line with what I am passionate about and I will do my best to help the sport in Africa to develop. I especially appreciate the cooperation with our European colleagues and being part of something that can change the life to the better for many hundreds of thousands of children around Africa.

You can contact Boni via,

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