Esprit de Sport International is a non-profit association and a separate legal entity who is democratic, non-political and religiously independent. Our objective is to ensure that more kids and teenagers in poor areas of Africa can participate in organized sports activities.

Principles: Work on site in Africa is done by local organizations affiliated to the Esprit de Sport International and have committed to work according to our statues and guidelines. We never gives cash support to individuals or organizations, but we help them to pay for education and access to secure and appropriate equipment and infrastructure.

Values: The values ​​of sports fathers are that all people, both adults and children are born free and have equal value and the same rights.

Decision-making body:
Sportfadder’s decision-making body is the world meeting, extraordinary world meeting and the board.


Our head office is in Stockholm Sweden

Our Head office in Africa is in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

The board:

Agneta Dahl – Chairman

Ex. assignments and experiences:

Project manager and sales manager within sports and leisure.

Lives: Gothenburg, Sweden

Håkan Persson – Deputy chairman

Ex. assignments and experiences:

  • Founder and CEO of Kansliet AB
  • Elite swimmer

Lives: Stockholm, Sweden

Magnus Högfeldt – Substitute

Ex. assignments and experiences:

  • Business developer digital business
  • Entrepreneur

Lives: Stockholm, Sweden

Joy  –  Fellowship  –  Responsibility