Work on the SINAFE project is progressing and we are now interviewing various parties in football. Mainly African players in Sweden but also players in West Africa with ambitions to migrate to Europe as well as agents, coaches and journalists.

The players we have interviewed so far have all managed to establish themselves and they have been well taken care of in their clubs they have joined, but we also want to get in touch with players who have not succeeded in establishing themselves in any club.

We are already starting to get a clearer picture of where we can make the biggest efforts and it is about training leaders and players in Africa. In addition to football qualities in tactics and mental development, it is also about what rights you have as a player and how the social life in different parts of Europe works and what will be required of the players to succeed on and off the field.

In September, representatives from all organizations participating in the project in seven different countries will meet in Belgrade to reconcile the results and plan for the continued work.

The picture is from a visit to BK Häcken where we had really good interviews with three players who all came to the club this year. Pictured are Agneta Dahl (Chairman of Esprit de Sport), Iebo Degaulle (Nigeria), Yannick Adjoumani (Ivory Coast), Benié Traoure (Ivory Coast) and Petter Lafrenz from Esprit de Sport in Ivory Coast.

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