Ivory Coast

Esprit de Sports headquarters in Africa is located in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Abidjan is the comercial capital of French West Africa. Here is located, among other things the central bank and the stock exchange for the whole region.

Ivory Coast is a relatively rich and stable country in the region, but the assets are very obliquely distributed and the vast majority have very little. Even in Abidjan, the largest areas are very poor and it is in the areas we will first focus our efforts.

Abidjan is the largest city in French West Africa with about 7-8 million inhabitants.

It is also in Ivory Coast that we have come the furthest with our operations in Africa. Responsible for the various programs are in place and the work out in the field has started.

Esprit de Sport is becoming well-known in the local sports community.

Some words from our Secretary-General, Yeo Pagahouagnan

We have just recently started the operations, but since we all comes from a background in the sport and have a good connections within the sports community it has gone very fast to get started.

We are currently focusing a lot on the programs on equipment and administration & communication.

We are not running all the sports yet but we have started bit with Football, Tennis, Badminton and the Swedish sport Floorball.

We will soon also start activities with the Handball and Basket.

The interest and reception has been very good so far.

Esprit de Sport office in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

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