Access to safe and accurate sports facilities is crucial. Existing facilities is often insufficient, poorly maintained but nevertheless relatively expensive.

Planned activites:

  • Part payment for access to pitches, halls etc.
  • Develop existing faciltites
  • Provide the conditions for new facilities
  • Make sure the facilities are maintained in a professional manner


In cooperation with the various federations, we will make regional inventories of all existing infrastructures. Use the inventory results to develop a plan for each region on how to develop existing infrastructure and define the need for a new infrastructure and how to finance it.


Our strategy is that as many of the facilities as possible must be able to be used by many different sports. Our focus for new facilities will be small to mid size Multisport arenas.


It is also important to ensure that the infrastructure is adequately maintained after renovation or construction. This will be a requirement on our part that there is a good maintenance plan and we will follow up that the plans are executed properly.

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