Correct and safe equipment is a prerequisite for conducting sports activities. The availability of necessary equipment is often limited and if it is available it is often very expensive. The program for equipment and infrastructure for sport are the programs that we will put most resources in to as it is the most costly but necessary parts.

In terms of equipment, we will work on two fronts.

  • Collect used equipment in the giving countries and send it to Africa.
  • Finance the purchase of new equipment.

Collection of used equipment will be coordinated by our local organization, while the purchase of new material will be coordinated by the Esprit de Sport International in collaboration with our local organizations in Africa. The goal is also to be able to make larger framework agreements with very favorable prices directly from the suppliers via our international organization.

Esprit de Sport will help the sport community with competence and resources but our philosophy is that you get nothing completely free of charge. We plan that every active athlete in clubs that we help will work for 10 – 20 hours a year in different projects that will benefit the sport or the whole community.

Examples of activities:

  • Maintenance of sport facilities
  • Picking and collecting trash
  • Sales of products for further funding of their sport activities

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