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SINAFE – Time for interviews

Work on the SINAFE project is progressing and we are now interviewing various parties in football. Mainly African players in Sweden but also players in West Africa with ambitions to migrate to Europe as well as agents, coaches and journalists.

The players we have interviewed so far have all managed to establish themselves and they have been well taken care of in their clubs they have joined, but we also want to get in touch with players who have not succeeded in establishing themselves in any club.

We are already starting to get a clearer picture of where we can make the biggest efforts and it is about training leaders and players in Africa. In addition to football qualities in tactics and mental development, it is also about what rights you have as a player and how the social life in different parts of Europe works and what will be required of the players to succeed on and off the field.

In September, representatives from all organizations participating in the project in seven different countries will meet in Belgrade to reconcile the results and plan for the continued work.

The picture is from a visit to BK Häcken where we had really good interviews with three players who all came to the club this year. Pictured are Agneta Dahl (Chairman of Esprit de Sport), Iebo Degaulle (Nigeria), Yannick Adjoumani (Ivory Coast), Benié Traoure (Ivory Coast) and Petter Lafrenz from Esprit de Sport in Ivory Coast.

Read mor on the SINAFE Website

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SINAFE – Include Affrican FootballersFeatured

Esprit de Sport is a partner in the EU-funded project SINAFE.

The project runs in seven different European countries and in West Africa. In addition to Sweden also in the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Serbia and Turkey.

The project aims to investigate the situation of African football migrants to Europe and develop a program on how we can make migration work better in the future.

SINAFE is a collaborative partnership project funded by the European Commission within the scope of Erasmus + Sport Program.

To learn more visit the project website,

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Cooperation with the Ivorian Football Federation (FIF) in progress

Representatives of Esprit de Sport International and Sweden’s Ambassador to the Ivory Coast with several countries, Maria Leissner met on Tuesday, October 8, the Ivorian Football Federation.

Maria Leissner explained that her role as ambassador is about initiating cooperation between the two countries in many different areas. It is not just about business but also about culture and sports. Maria presented Esprit de sport International to the Football Federation and expressed a desire to link football in Sweden and Ivory Coast through Esprit de Sport Internationals activities.

Maria’s initiative received a very positive reception and 1st Deputy Chair of the Football Federation, Sory Diabate mentioned that there have been many touch points over the years. It was he who negotiated and made sure that Sven-Göran Eriksson became coach of the Ivorian national team “The Elephants”.

Together we are now planning a long-term collaboration. Among other things, was discussed to start a joint project to develop female football in Ivory Coast.

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Esprit de Sport International visiting Guinea Bissau

During the week that passed, Esprit de Sport International visited Guinea Bissau. We were invited by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to see how we can work together to develop youth sports in the country.

Guinea Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world and has a troubled history lined with civil war and corruption.

For some time now, there is a new government that largely consists of well-educated young people, many of whom have lived abroad and have now chosen to move back to their home country to help build the country. For example, the distribution of ministerial posts is 50% women and 50% men.

They may start from a very low level, but the plans presented to us are good and everyone seems to believe in what they are doing and has a desire to fight the biggest problem of all, perhaps, the corruption.

Sports sponsors have a chance to be involved in influencing how youth sports should function in the country and they are happy to see Sweden as a model and role model for this.

Esprit de Sport International Chairwoman Agneta Dahl and Secretary of State for Youth & Sports Dionisio Pereira hand out balls to FC Canchungo

We see it as a favor and a great opportunity to be part of this build-up and we will soon establish our own organization in Guinea Bissau.

We will define several different projects and work constructively over the next few years to help the sport in Guinea Bissau in their endeavors.

We will seek partnership in Sweden with companies as well as authorities and sports organizations in our work. We hope that many will stand behind us and help.

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Esprit de Sport in Ghana

Spirit of Sports Ghana!

During a visit to Ghana in august by representatives of Esprit de Sport International and Esprit de Sport Cote d’Ivoire it was decided to start an organization also in Ghana.

They met with representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, regional and local authorities as well as numerous federations and clubs.
The reception was warm and it was decided to create an organization in Ghana.

Yeo Pgahouagnan, General Secretary of Esprit de Sport in Ivory Coast:
“We are looking forward to help the development of youth sports in Ghana and with the goodwill we did met from everyone, I really believe that the we can achieve a lot. It will be very fun to see what our organization can do together with the sports community and the authorities. in Ghana. “

Read more about our organisation in Ghana here and our first project in Ghana here

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Esprit de Sport presented to Swedish minister of Commerce

On the 7-9 of April a Swedish trade delegation headed by the Minister of Commerce, Ann Linde and the Swedish Ambassador, Maria Leissner visited Ivory Coast.

The Chairman of Esprit de Sport, Petter Lafrenz was invited to a meeting with the delegation at Hotel Tiama on Tuesday the 9th of April.

All leading Swedish companies active in Ivory Coast was present at the meeting, I.e. Volvo, Scania, Ericson, SSAB…

Petter had 5 minutes to present Esprit de Sport and the interest and the appreciation of our undertakings where huge. Hopefully this will lead to some interesting partnerships.

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Welcome to Esprit de SportFeatured

We help sport in Africa to help children and young people to a better life.

The development in Africa goes fast and in the right direction, but there are to many children and young people who are excluded. We help the sport to help them find their place in the community and get access the education they need. We believe in the spirit of sport.

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Albert Guiro new chairman for Esprit de Sport – Cote d’Ivoire

We are very proud to announce that Albert Guiro will take over as chairman of our associated organization in Cote d’Ivoire.

Esprit de Sport – Cote d’Ivoire

Extensive experience

Albert has a long history in the sport in Cote d’Ivoire.

He is among other things vice president of Fimada and FIMAA, the Ivorian and International Federation of Maracana. Maracana is a West Africa street football that is now growing around the world.

Albert’s knowledge and contacts will become an invaluable asset for our organization in Cote d’Ivoire.

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Swedish website is up

Our associated organization in Sweden, Sportfadder has now launched their new website. The design and general impression is very similar to our website for Esprit de Sport International.
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