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Esprit de Sport International visiting Guinea Bissau

During the week that passed, Esprit de Sport International visited Guinea Bissau. We were invited by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to see how we can work together to develop youth sports in the country.

Guinea Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world and has a troubled history lined with civil war and corruption.

For some time now, there is a new government that largely consists of well-educated young people, many of whom have lived abroad and have now chosen to move back to their home country to help build the country. For example, the distribution of ministerial posts is 50% women and 50% men.

They may start from a very low level, but the plans presented to us are good and everyone seems to believe in what they are doing and has a desire to fight the biggest problem of all, perhaps, the corruption.

Sports sponsors have a chance to be involved in influencing how youth sports should function in the country and they are happy to see Sweden as a model and role model for this.

Esprit de Sport International Chairwoman Agneta Dahl and Secretary of State for Youth & Sports Dionisio Pereira hand out balls to FC Canchungo

We see it as a favor and a great opportunity to be part of this build-up and we will soon establish our own organization in Guinea Bissau.

We will define several different projects and work constructively over the next few years to help the sport in Guinea Bissau in their endeavors.

We will seek partnership in Sweden with companies as well as authorities and sports organizations in our work. We hope that many will stand behind us and help.

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