Administration & Communication

Efficient communication and good order on member registers, licenses etc. is an absolute prerequisite for being able to conduct good activities in any organisation and to make it possible to handle a rapid growth.

The process of digitalization in Africa is fast, mainly due to the “explosion” of the use of smartphones.

The digitization of association life, however, is far behind and it is one of the most important tasks we look forward to helping the sport with.

We will help federations and their affiliated clubs to access state-of-the-art digital systems for many different functions. We will also ensure that they receive training and to help them get started in practice.

  • Websites
  • Member directories
  • Activity and calendar management
  • Payments & Invoices
  • License Management
  • Competition Systems

Responsible: Emile Kouassi

My name is Emile Kouassi and I am 34 years old.

I have a master’s degree in communication “Press and PR practice” from Alassane Ouattara University of Bouaké (2006-2010)

After University my sports interest led me to start working at the Communications Department for the Sports and Recreation Ministry in Côte d’Ivoire.

I have also worked on a voluntary basis with communication at several sports associations, eg. the Ivorian Handball Federation, the Ivorian Motorcycle Federation and the Ivorian Floorball Federation.

Now I look very much forward to helping Esprit de Sport with the communication and taking responsibility for the two programs for “Development of girl handball” and the program for “Communication and administration”.

You can contact Emile by email,

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