Calendar Park Tamale – Ghana

Tamale is a city in northern Ghana with about half a million inhabitants and it is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa.

The region is one of the poorest in Ghana but there is a huge sporting interest and the city is developing fast. on building an international airport.

When visiting Tamale, we received an incredibly good response from local authorities and the sports movement.
We have received free office in their sports stadium which is an 11 year old arena that holds 22,000 spectators. We also have an organization in place with volunteer sports enthusiasts.

In central Tamale there is a large park, Calendar Park, which is used daily by hundreds of children and young people for various sports activities. The facilities in Calendar Park, on the other hand, are very substandard. As part of this project, we plan to renovate and develop Calendar Park into a modern and safe facility and make it the hub of regional sports. The major sports in the region are football and volleyball.

Calendar Park – Tamale

We are now planning together with local and regional authorities to make Tamale an example for other cities in Ghana and throughout West Africa on how to develop youth sports and integrate sports education projects that benefit social development as a whole.

What will we do in practice?

  • Renovation Calendar Park
    • Two full size football pitches (Gravel)
    • Four multi-sporting arenas for football, volleyball, basketball, handball and floorball
      • Two with artificial grass
      • Two with plastic flooring for outdoor use
    • Four ping pong tables
    • Central building with changing room, meeting room, cafe, internet access etc.
  • Booking of the facilities via a mobile application
  • Equipment for the local clubs
    • Balls, vests, cones, etc.
    • Collection and transport of used match stands etc. from Sweden
  • Registration of all clubs, teams etc. in a common member system with integrated websites etc.
  • Training of youth leaders
  • Training of judges
  • Clean Tamale – an envorinmental project
  • Establishment of regional leagues for youth in football and volleyball
    • 5 age categories per sport

Total project time is 18 months.

Clean Tamale

As you can see in the list above, we run a project in environmental conservation called “Clean Tamale” which is about changing values ​​about how to throw garbage on streets and more.

The sports youths can instead help collect garbage.

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