About Esprit de Sport

We help the sport in Africa help
children and young people to a better life.

The development in Africa goes fast and in the right direction, but there are to many children and young people who are excluded. We help the sport to help them find their place in the community and get access the education they need. We believe in the spirit of sport.

What is Esprit de Sport International?

Esprit de Sport International is a non-profit and democratic association (NGO) that works to ensure that more children and young people in poor areas of Africa can participate in organized sports activities and to help to develop the sports movement in Africa.

Esprit de Sport International is the international cooperation organization for affiliated organizations sharing the same objectives in several countries.

We know that sport has an important function to fill in the society and that through sport we can give better conditions to several hundred thousand young people.

In place in Africa since 2015
The idea of Esprit de Sport origins back to 2015 when the initiator Petter Lafrenz together with his partners Ben Ouattara and Martin Lamprecht decided to start a business in Africa with the aim of developing the sport. Ben is the Ivorian and for that reason they chose to lay their base in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

Today, they cooperate with a large number of sports associations in Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Cameroon.

In their work, they have seen an huge need to help the sport with finances and competence so it will be able to handle more young people interested in sports

Esprit de Sport was founded in the end of 2018 with the purpose to help with this huge and important task.

Nothing is completely free

Our philosophy is to help provide the conditions for exercising sport, but you get nothing completely free.

In all the clubs we work with, we require an effort in return. Usually, all members in the club will help to work in a project for 10 – 20 hours per year.

Typical tasks:

  • Work with maintenace of sport facilities
  • Pick or handle garbage
  • Sell some products for financing of their sport activities

Which sports?

Initially we have chosen ten sports that we focus on.

  1. Fotball (Soccer)
  2. Basket
  3. Handball
  4. Athletics
  5. Equestrian sport
  6. Volleyball
  7. Tennis
  8. Table tennis
  9. Badminton
  10. Padel
  11. Floorball
  12. Combat sports

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